Auditing is a highly complex process where auditor plays a pivotal role in the financial reporting process wherein the responsibilities have increased manifold in the present era. The investors and lenders trusts auditors to provide an unbiased opinion about the financial position and the financial results.

We are an Audit firm of repute having significant audit practice in the nature of Statutory, Internal & specialised Audits of large corporates, Banks, both life and non-life Insurance Companies and Public Sectors undertakings under appointment by the RBI & CAG.

While delivering the quality services, we at G&J, aim at going beyond traditional ways of auditing. Our audit procedures and policies have been subjected to external reviews by the peer review board as well as quality review board.

Our audit practice includes bouquet of audit services mentioned below to help our clients to meet their auditing and regulatory requirements

  • Statutory & Tax Audit
  • Internal, Concurrent Audit & Risk based Audits of Banks
  • Forensic Audits, Due Diligence & Investigation Assignments
  • Stock & Book Debt Review Audit, Security Verification
  • Management Audit
  • Information Systems Audit, Data Migration Audit
  • Credit Audit, Pre Disbursement Audit, Documentation Audit
  • Revenue & Income Leakage Audits of Banks
  • Audit of Insurance Companies
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