• Structuring Financial Proposals
  • Project Finance with nationalized banks, co operative banks, private, foreign banks & term lending institutions including CMA projections, Project reports, appraisal, TEV Feasibility Report etc.
  • Corporate Finance, Builder Finance, Syndication of Loans, Private Equity Deals, Foreign currency loans
  • Arranging & Co ordination of Pre Disbursement Services like Valuation, Legal Title Search Report & Vetting of documents, ROC, TEV Study, Certifications, Stamp duty etc.
  • Arranging Legal Advisors, Merchant Bankers & Specialized Financial Advisors
  • Arranging for Approvals from various Govt. Dept., Institutions and Authorities
  • Retails, SME & Mid Corporate Loans under Consortium, Multiple Banking, Buyers Credit, etc
  • Techno Economic Viability & Feasibility Reports
  • NPA Consultancy & Advisory Services for one Time Settlement & restructuring
  • Monitoring of Sick Units, Restructuring & Revival Solutions
  • Consultancy in Insurance Survey & Claim Assignments
  • Arranging for various approvals & licenses for Import and Export Business
  • Credit & Risk Rating Services.
  • Corporate Debt Restructing (CDR) Consultancy & Monitoring of CDR accounts
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